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Guild DKP Rules

Knights of Fury's DKP Rules
You will earn:

(5 DKP) Bonus for being there 30 mins before (normaly by 7.10pm est)

(2 DKP) Bonus for being there on Time

 (5dkp) per Target we are successful on.  

 (2dkp) Bonus at end of each raid

5 DKP for being on Vent (must be on for whole time you are at raid)

15 Dkp for Posting of your attendance and attending

Limit 2 items per night per PLAYER (Unless its a rott)

Rotting Items will start off at (1dkp)

This will be up to your raid leader depending on what continent we are raiding

If they are in the raid and being played as another Character the above rules will apply

We will require you to play your main.

Closed Bidding
You will send 1 tell to the loot co ordinator with your bid
Bids can be any number as long as you the DKP

If you are the only bidder, you will only spend half of you points bidded
Highest Bid wins -Simple
In the case of a draw, we will call each palyer to do a random, highest random wins

***Raid keys will be given based on raid percentage***
(must be a full member and been in guild 1 month min - unless its a rott) 

Progresion Nights
You will earn 5 DKP per mission for helping
High Volume attendance, help will be given as per raid percentage

Alliance Raids
Loot will be split between guilds as per numbers, and chosen by the two guild leaders or officers, then anounced in furyraid:rocks - above loot rules will apply

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April 20, 2014
07:09 AM
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